Will the arena mode be as unwanted as it is now?

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Will the arena mode be as unwanted as it is now?

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Here I want to ask two questions. Now I am in fourth place in the arena mode. I am definitely a strong player, it also shows the ratio of my wins to games. The FAQ says that the arena is for competitions where we try to become the new world champion in every game. Can I try to become one now? No.

1. Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi
This is a question for the community. The author of https://boardgamearena.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27839 detailed and provided evidence of how the former champion cheated using multiple accounts. I made a report, as well as probably other players. It took two days for moderation to remove a post for writing a player's nickname. At the same time, after 10 days, all accounts of that person are active. In addition, he created another account that is currently number one in the arena (52 games and 47 wins lol).
UPD: Moderation reacted to the report - issued a warning. But as I said, the person just created new account.
Q: Is it supposed to be like this? Maybe I'm just impatient and few days later the ptoblem will be solved? Or do other games in arena mode have the same problem and nothing can be done about it?

2. Per aspera ad astra
This is a question for those who know how the arena works. As I see it, the number of points depends on the current rating and the number of players you defeated in a particular game (write more if I don't understand it). Now I have 1610 points. I can start a new game. The chance of my winning is 52-53%. If I win (my personal experience), I will now get about +8 points. If I lose, I will lose about -16 points. This is a consequence of the current rules.
What is the problem? This gain ratio is justified for a player with a 66% win rate, but not for a player with a 53% win rate. It is statistically disadvantageous for me to start the next player (as well as for the players in second and third place). So current arena literally tells the top10 players don't play me if you want to keep your position.
Q: How can I influence this system? Can anyone explain to me why the current system is better than other alternatives?

I will be glad to know your opinion, get answers to my questions.
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Re: Will the arena mode be as unwanted as it is now?

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Unfortunately, I'm afraid that without rigorous intervention by the administrators to severely punish these players, we will never come out this situation. Me too I've noticed how whoever won the penultimate season managed to get to first position only thanks to the combined support of another if not two other accounts that are still unpunished and it wouldn't surprise me at all that the current season proceeds the same way, without anyone doing anything. Simply those who can intervene seem not to be interested in guaranteeing a fair gaming environment, the most important thing for them is to moderate vulgarity in chat, but dishonesty in the game is fine. A pity indeed.
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