Long time cheater

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Long time cheater

Post by PoepietjeDude »

Hello Season's players,

I would like to inform you about how rigged the standings are for this game. I don't know if this happens for most of the games, it would make competition on here meaningless, but maybe it's only a Seasons affair.

I don't have complains towards BGA, it is a commercial site and not a dedicated site for competitors, or maybe..it is just impossible to create fair competition on line.

That said, there is a player that is cheating in Seasons for almost ten years and still isn't banned, because probably nobody noticed.
To BGA: at least spend a day or two checking games history of arena winners, that would already be something.

The last two arena season's of Season's have been won thx to elo boost through multiple accounts and this season it's the same story....since there is a report open I noticed another account was cleaned from dust to go on with his plan, which included his last feet, entering top 3 of all time for Seasons. Congratulations.

A top player I was chatting with said "He even doesn't try hard (to hide himself)", so, I'll briefly explain how he does it:

His main account, which he uses to stock trophies, and 2 of the other accounts I know of, have been created in 2014-2015!
In his first arena season he won (2022), one of those accounts popped up again after 7 years of inactivity!

It works like this, he boosts his "ghost" accounts until they are all over 500 elo, because he obviously is a great player.
Then he will "give back"...plays main account vs the ghost which will lose ALL games to give him bags of elo.
Then he will fuel ghost with impressive win series to get back at 500 elo so he's ready again to repeat his thing.

Last arena season he played his last 4 games vs his ghost account giving him the win. Clue, clue, clue.

With his most infamous ghost account he went on to lose 26 games in a row to his main account, all while being around 500 elo and with lopsided scores.
Spanned over 3 arena season's, playing 5-6 games in a row vs ghost, in crucial moments of the arena season.

You can easily manage to play series of games vs same opponent if you click PLAY NOW at the the same time, sometimes it won't work probably because there is a list of waiting players (rarely)...when to play games is an added layer of strategy for cheaters I guess.

I watched 3-4 replays of his infamous games, dear Seasons players, if you like to be stunned, do that also, if it's not cheating you will be wandering for days what was going on with that expert player. If you would do that, watch the entire game to appreciate the cheating skills.

I know for BGA it must be difficult to find enough proofs, he may play from different IP's, so, I am asking Seasons players to get a look into it, if we can proof he makes foolish moves with his ghost accounts, we'll be a welcomed jury fo BGA.
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Re: Long time cheater

Post by sorryimlikethis »

Given the number of different games on BGA I don't think it's reasonable for admin to look at every single game and the top 10 players of every single game to find cheaters.

But they do pay attention to reports.

Have you reported this player?
Get your evidence, go to their profile, and report them. Make it easy for the admin to find obvious cheaters by giving them overwhelming evidence.

I have reported 2 obvious cheaters (for other games) that had been in 1st place for weeks/months and they were both reset to 100 ELO within days.
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Re: Long time cheater

Post by PoepietjeDude »

sorryimlikethis wrote: 24 November 2022, 08:52 Given the number of different games on BGA I don't think it's reasonable for admin to look at every single game and the top 10 players of every single game to find cheaters.
That's why I said to at least look at the history of games of arena winners, that doesn't take long.

And as I wrote, there is a report open, mine of course, posted 4 days ago.

People just don't like to spend time reporting, while BGA counts on that to solve problems.
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