Uxmal Gambit Fix?

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Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by MasN »

All the top players open Uxmal 2 as p1, so that they get worker turn 2.

This strategy is of course beatable (for example, a common answer to U012 is U34 + T1 to get extra worker and resource tech upgrade, but that requires enough corn and screws over the third player), but in general p1 is at a significant advantage because of this.

Many ideas have been proposed to address this, including:
- Forbid players from playing more than 1 on uxmal on turn 1.
- Players take turns placing one worker at a time on turn 1.
- Modify the Uxmal wheel so that the +worker space is on U4 for the first quarter of the game.
- Put the starting turn order up for auction

Can at least one of these be availible as an option?
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Re: Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by MajorGamble »

I would like this as well. It's annoying to have to ask players each time (and be at their mercy) for something that many people understand needs to be done in order to balance the game.
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Re: Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by Amau1993 »


There is only two messages but it's interesting.

First to all, to answer I need to differentiate 2 players game, 3 players games and 4 players game.

In the following examples, I assume that you are not the first player.

  • 2 players game:
  • If the first player do the Uxmal gambit (U0, U1, U2):
:arrow: To place 2 on Uxmal (to get 1 new worker 2 times on next turn), 1 on palenque (to get P5 later)
:!: Need at least 10 corns (maybe more - depending of game setup)

:arrow: To place 1 on Uxmal on day 1 and to place 2 on Uxmal on day 2 (to get 6 workers quickly) because the other player will get its workers on day 2
:!: Need at least 7 corns (maybe more - depending of game setup)

:arrow: To place 1 on Uxmal (to get 1 new worker on next turn), 1 on palenque (to get P5 later), 1 on tikal (to advance in ressource tech 1 or 2 times later - with T1 or T3, depending on your ressources)
:!: Need at least 6 corns (maybe more - depending of game setup)

:arrow: To place 1 on Palenque (to get P5 later) on day 1 and to place 2 on Uxmal on day 2 (to get 5 workers quickly)
:!: Need at least 4 corns (maybe more - depending of game setup)
  • If the first player don't do the Uxmal gambit (U0, U1, U2), do it
:idea: The idea in all examples is to get 5 or 6 workers quickly and to upgrade ressources tech during first quarter. In the second quarter, you have to get the more ressources you can with Y5 and U5 and to exchange before the end of the quarter. 10 golds and 10 rocks is a good reference.

  • 3 players game:
  • If you have a start tile to improve skull tech, take it
:?: Indeed, in a 3 players game there is normally two builders and they fight together to get points with buildings and monuments. So, the third player can win with skull strategy.

:idea: 3 workers needed for the whole game, the idea is to place the more skull you can during the game :arrow: To watch some 3 or for players games to improve this strategy. It's simple to understand.

:!: If another player also have a start tile to improve skull tech, be careful. If you are two on skull strategy, the third player win with building strategy. So, if you are the second to play and if the third one has also skull tech, be carful not to advantage him or leave the skull strategy to build. In this second case, refer to 2 players game tips.

  • If you don't have a start tile to improve skull tech:
:arrow: If no one else has the skull tech, refer to the previous paragraph.

:arrow: If at least one other player has skull tech, then you have to build. So refer to 2 players game tips.

  • 4 players game (the best one to enjoy the game :D ):
  • If there is corn and wood monuments, even at least corn monument and another good monument:
:arrow: If you have start tile to improve corn or/and ressource tech, take it.
:?: This strategy is also simple to understand: to get all corn and wood tiles, to get the two monuments, to be at the top of yellow temple with tech. Of course you need 6 workers quickly to do this strategy.
:!: Be careful if another player also has the tech, don't be two on this strategy.
;) The corn is so powerful but not very interesting in 2 or 3 players games ;)
  • If there is no corn monument:
:arrow: Refer to 3 players game tips

:arrow: If there is one temple monument, you can choose start tiles with many ressources. One strategy consists of having no tech and go up on temples with T5. Refer to most of Kleksik (find him in my friends list) four players games ;)

:!: Otherwise you have to build. 3 builders games are the worst games :evil:

To conclude, there is no need to change the game because there is many ways to win or at least to have fun.
Moreover, Uxmal-limit games are not very interesting because it is a big advantage for skull and/or no-tech strategy.

:!: :!: :!: And remember, never leave an only one player to build. Otherwise he wins.

;) To all masters or experts: do not hesitate to complete or to correct if needed
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Re: Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by ryshab »

good work, Amau! well summarized.
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Re: Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by dschingis27 »

I think it is fair to say that the first player usually has an advantage. However, this is true for many games and it doesn't decrease the fun for me.

To add to the post of Amau1993, there are also some really nice strategies where you advance the calendar 2 days very early in the game, these games include a lot of fun and a lot of head scratching. :) In general, the possibility to advance the calendar 2 days is one of the best features of the game.
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