Under the Rose on BGA?

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Under the Rose on BGA?

Post by Sphor »

Is Under the rose going to ever come to Mantis Falls, or is it strictly a physical board add-on?

I have never gotten to play Mantis Falls until on BGA, as although I was an early adopter, I'm more often than not too busy to visit my friends who all live elsewhere :?
I believe that having a guided experience "Under the Rose" like playing the regular game & full circle in the same manner, would aid greatly in fully understanding the rules and the dynamics of that add-on!
Though of course, I understand if the developers would like to keep certain aspects of the physical game unbound to the online, free-to-access version.
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Re: Under the Rose on BGA?

Post by Ez0ah »

The game is in a weird place right now. It was briefly released in beta then pushed back to alpha, waiting for the editor’s approval. Initially, the reason was to wait for physical copies to reach the retail market, as even backers hadn’t received their copies at this point. Since then, there have been 0 news and the dev hadn’t commented on the status of the game.

I would say it’s pretty unlikely that the game would enter another development phase any time soon. So under the rose is far on the horizon, which is a shame because we had a blast the couple of times we played with it.
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Re: Under the Rose on BGA?

Post by Doc899 »

so does "alpha" mean that this currently cannot be played on BGA?
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