severely underplayed

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severely underplayed

Post by bryanfu926 »

This is such a great game but it is underplayed and apparently not a lot of players know about this. Is there anything to be done?

It is so hard to fill up 7 people at any time... but the waiting is really worth the fun...
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Re: severely underplayed

Post by foerno »

i'd say tell your friends about it and invite them to play on BGA.
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Re: severely underplayed

Post by Empresario »

If I had friends I wouldn't be playing on BGA :lol:
Shaq Jenkins
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Re: severely underplayed

Post by Shaq Jenkins »

I agree. It's a great game. There's a Secret Moon Addicts group that used to be pretty active but no one really plays anymore. Sometimes, we would wait 30+ minutes to get enough players.

Unfortunately, once BGA allowed people to join multiple tables, 5+ player games like Secret Moon became impossible to play in real time...
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