Amp Invasion

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Amp Invasion

Post by mich292 »

My context is my convoy and an inf army are at the tip of Denmark as Germany. I declared on norway I want to naval invade Oslo.

How do I accomplish this within the UI?

I was able to accomplish moving my convoy and the INF army from Kiel to the top of Denmark but naval invasion options never seemed to become available. Is it possible to explain the actions I have to take in the User Interface please?

I searched the forums, apologizes in advance if I am missing something obvious.
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Re: Amp Invasion

Post by Lunalol »

Do as stated in rules:
- Put a SURPRISE ATTACK marker in a sea zone (take care about weather).
- Activate your ground unit and click on Naval TRANSPORT.
- Declare ESCORT and click on INVASION.
- Finally, click on target hex in Norway.

All of that can be undo, so try it.
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