Timing on Marketer (#42) power

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Timing on Marketer (#42) power

Post by MrFettuccine »

Marketer: When you use a die to advance on the siesta track, to draw a card, or play a card, you may make 1 free delivery to a market barrow.

I am playing a game of La Granja on BGA. On my turn, I grabbed a 2 die and played the Marketer card. In BGA, it allowed me to immediately make a free delivery to a market barrow. Per the glossary, it does say cards can be used immediately after playing them however I feel like the timing matters more for the Marketer. If I was playing this in real life, I would've said the marketer can't be activated when you play it from using a 2 die but now I'm not so sure. It just seems like once the card is played, the action is over and can't use the power associated with that card at that point. If this was incorrect, I'd like to report an error to BGA but wanted to verify the ruling for this.
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Re: Timing on Marketer (#42) power

Post by NerveEnding »

The way it plays on bga is correct. This also happens with the porter and the greengrocer. With both of these cards, if you play them with a 2 you can then do another action and take a good.
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