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Print and play

Post by spark74 »

There are 18 cards in the game.

5 noodle
3 mushroom
3 soy sauce
2 ginger
2 green onion
1 chicken
1 pork
1 shrimp
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Re: Print and play

Post by intelekt »

Hey there! The card images on the site are relatively low res but will absolutely work. However that's far more work to set up the kitchen than I'd like for you to have to do.

So if you'd like the PDF of the actual print and play all set up with cut lines to fit inside most Magic card sleeves, just send me an email!

Thanks and keep on cooking!
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Re: Print and play

Post by Paddles »

The print-and-play cards being distributed by the publisher are in a PDF designed for Letter sized paper that doesn't print as-is on A4. But, rescaling to print on A4 (zoom factor 92.92%) results in cards that fit pretty well into 59x92mm sleeves (correct width, slightly shorter than the sleeve which is ok) - this seems to be a common Euro card game size.
Amy Sakura-Chan
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Re: Print and play

Post by Amy Sakura-Chan »

I Purchased the PnP Version on PnP Arcade, but there is no Backside of the Cards, is this intended? I really would love to have a printable backside :)
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