Double play rule clarification

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Double play rule clarification

Post by peshehod »

Hello all,

The rules state that it is not allowed to play Wipe Out or Double Play after Double Play (only O, X and Flips can be played).
Quote:"The Double Play Card allows two cards to be played during a single turn. Any combination of a Symbol Card or Flip Card that equals two cards is acceptable. However, a Double Play Card or Wipe Out Card CANNOT be played as one of those two cards."

The Wiki adds a little to this.
Quote: "Double Play Card: allows two cards to be played during a single turn. Double Play Cards or Wipe Out Cards CANNOT be played as one of those two cards. If you cannot make a valid move, you may use the Double Play as a discard."

So, what should happen in the following situations?

1. I have cards DP, DP, WO, X. Can I use DP to discard WO and play X?
2. I have cards DP, DP, DP, WO. Can I use DP to discard two cards? (Not clear, because I can make a valid move without DP).
3. I have DP, DP, X, O. Can use DP to discard another DP and play one of the symbol cards?

Actually, the third situation happened in a game (table I played DP, discarded another DP and suddenly my turn ended. Funny thing, after that three more cards were drawn, and I ended up with 5 cards on hand. I am pretty sure that was not supposed to happen, but what instead?
I think, it should be either "play DP, discard DP, play Symbol" or "play DP, and the other DP is not playable".
What do you think?
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Re: Double play rule clarification

Post by Mooselock »

Hey Peshehod,

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to everyone's attention. I am the creator and publisher for Tic-Tac Match and have been aware of the confusion you described regarding the use of the Double Play Card. We are working with the programmer to fix these issues.

We have a pending solution (see below) that is a work in progress. Notice of any changes will be made if/when completed.

The Double Play card allows a player to play OR discard two cards on a single turn. A Double Play or Wipe Out Cardcan only be discarded, if chosen, and The Flip Card can only be played. This would give the option to discard even symbol cards as an extra layer of strategy and avoid the rare condition of not being able to make a play or getting stuck in a programming loop.

I will keep you posted as we work through these updates. If you haven't alreeady done so, please report this using the bug link listed on the Forum Rules header.

Peace & Games!
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