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Confirm button please

Post by oranjon »


It would be great to have a Confirm Turn button that if you instead Cancel takes you back to the start of your turn.

I am on the last year of a turn based game, and I clicked to purchase a Spear Hut that I can't place in a village because it already has a Spear Hut. Now the game is waiting for me to place it, but I want to cancel the purchase.

This will completely ruin my last turn of a game that has been going for many days.

Anyway, enough tears; but it would be a great feature to avoid future pain.

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Re: Confirm button please

Post by JimFox »

I would second this request for a confirmation button.

I also had a disappointing situation, where I went to an Island which would provide a certain hut, but the hut was not available any more. I got the points for the Island, and my turn immediately ended. This is according to the rules, but still disappointing when you don't fully anticipate it. A confirmation or undo button would have been really helpful.
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