Conceed after finishing turns

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Conceed after finishing turns

Post by BoooardMaster »

Hi all,

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or not but the option to conceed once we finish our turns/resources shouldn't exist.

On a game I've built up my resources, had a clear path for the rest of my turns and my oponent finishes his/hers resources and so I play "alone" for the rest of the game, and then once I'm nearly finish or doing my thing they just conceed in what always feels like I'm facing a sore loser.

There is no point at all in conceeding at that stage of the game, you're not playing, you can leave the table, why conceed? the end result is exactly the same for you.

I think the option to conceed once you finish your turns shouldn't exist and I hope they implement that change in the future.
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Re: Conceed after finishing turns

Post by asmallcat »

I...don't understand the problem here. Presumably this is 1v1, right? So if your opponent concedes, you win. That was the goal of the game. You admit you would have made the exact same moves whether they conceded or not, so why does it matter? They probably concede once it's clear they won't win rather than doing all the math to try and see how many points you might be able to get.
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