Partners in Normal Mode

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Partners in Normal Mode

Post by DisposableHero27 »


We have a group of 4 that has played a few times now and the partners that are assigned are always the same (e.g. A&B vs. C&D but never A&C vs B&D or A&D vs B&C). How are the partners chosen by the game in normal mode? It doesn't seem random since we always have the same partnerships. Is there any way to change the partners before the game is started?

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Re: Partners in Normal Mode

Post by Mealsy »

Under the partnership setting there should be the option to pick partners
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Re: Partners in Normal Mode

Post by RavingWanderer »

Partnerships and play order are determined randomly, unless the option to allow the table administrator to select the teams is chosen. In that case, the administrator can still randomize the teams, or not, as they choose, but the play order will still be random. I believe if you use the BGA's rematch feature, you will get the same assignments as the original game.
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