Terra Mystica Fan Factions are available in beta!

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Terra Mystica Fan Factions are available in beta!

Post by Een »


We are excited to announce that you can now play the first 7 Fan factions on Boardgamearena!

Look for the option "Fan Factions" when configuring your table. It can be combined with any other option except for the Special landscapes (as there are no landscapes for these factions yet). Please note that this option is beta, so you may still encounter some bugs that you can report here to help us polish the new factions: https://boardgamearena.com/bugs?game=1118

The following factions are programmed at the moment:
- Conspirators
- Djinni
- Dynion Geifr
- Goblins
- Gold Diggers
- Time Travellers
- Wisps

Here is a condensed rules document for these factions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pbrwikqa866pm ... a.pdf?dl=0

The factions were chosen with ease of programming in mind, to have the highest amount of factions available at the start. Further factions will be added with time and the rules document will be updated accordingly. We cannot promise a steady rhythm as the complexity of the programming differs wildly between the factions, but they are on the way!

You can also read about ALL the new Fan Factions on this Board Game Geek thread from the publisher: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/280142 ... ing/page/1

We would like to give our warmest thanks to the publisher Feuerland, to the developer Rincevent123 and to all fan designers of these Fan Factions for their passionate work on this!
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Re: Terra Mystica Fan Factions are available in beta!

Post by vogella »

Awesome. Starting points will still be determined by Feuerland at a later point in time? Feels like the fan fractions are a bit stronger then the regular ones and it would be great to see an official "ranking" for the different maps.
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Re: Terra Mystica Fan Factions are available in beta!

Post by Balce »

Hey everyone,

Don't know where to put that and didn't want to open a whole ne Post.
Is there a plan to implement the merchant expansion in Terra Mystica on BGA? Would be very awesome to have, too.

Thanks in advance. If I should open a new thread just let me know please.

Best regards
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