Cheating with words followed by hyphe

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Cheating with words followed by hyphe

Post by Soussoune »

This cheating is visible in all rounds of the game
I entered this part and I was not aware before. To me that's cheating.

For example, to make people guess the word president : other players wrote mitterrand-bush; although they are 2 different presidents.
they use dashes to be able to put more words and therefore to earn points more quickly

Could you apply a rule with the dashed words. That is to say accept only the words (here in French) which really have a dash in the dictionary

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Re: Cheating with words followed by hyphe

Post by Guudys »

Completely banning hyphens would not work though because some words are made with hyphens like arc-en-ciel, porte-monnaie, tout-à-l'égout, tout-terrain, Saint-Laurent or Wall-E, for example. Same thing can be said about many English words too.
But yes, Mitterand-Bush is cheating and the player after the guesser should untick the easel so the clue is not shown to the guesser.
In the case of the person validating the clues being the cheater, do not hesitate to thumbs down this person at the end of the game so you won't be queueing with them ever again.
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