An interesting scene when judging victory

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An interesting scene when judging victory

Post by AuroraKael »

All these happened in the last turn:
I and my opponent both claimed 7 achievements. He has more <bulbs> than me but I would still execute the dogma effects of "7 Publication" because I need to reveal one bonus mark to achieve "Wealth". My opponent reordered his green pile and I reordered my purple(as planned). So far I'd already got 8 bonuses, however I did not claimed "Wealth" immediately. My opp splayed his blue pile up. After both effected are activated, he claimed "Wonder" first, then I claimed "Wealth" and the game ended in a tie.
I'm not sure whether it is the "theoretic" sequence. In my perspective I would first claim "Wealth" by the first effect and end the game before my opp execute the second. I don't treat it as a serious bug because it's quite rare, but I'm a bit confused.

Here's a part of Rulebook:
"Special achievements can be claimed at any time, even in the middle of an effect, or during another player’s turn. If you meet the conditions for one of them, take it immediately."
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Re: An interesting scene when judging victory

Post by Micah Stairs »

Thanks for reporting this! You found a bug in Publications. It's supposed to check for special achievements after a pile is rearranged, but it's not currently doing that. I'll get this fixed up soon!
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