Suugestion: option for indicating advanced moves

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Suugestion: option for indicating advanced moves

Post by jajasoon »

It would be great for turn-based play to be able to signal that you plan to pass on your next Summer turn, and to indicate in advance which cards you want to draw in Fall. When doing turn-based, there are always wasted moves to say you want to pass, and then to choose your cards - neither of those choices will necessarily be dependent on opponent moves, so having the option to pre-register those moves would be excellent!
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Re: Suugestion: option for indicating advanced moves

Post by Earthboundia »

To be honest this seems like less of an issue of the game. More a flaw of playing turn based games in general. In that it often leads to a situation where the game will drag on excessively long. For example, the game of Viticulture you are currently playing has been going on for 10 days so far and is less than halfway done so will probably finish at that pace in a total of 3 weeks when a live game would take a little over an hour.

If you are looking to cut inefficiencies and still play turn based I'd recommend putting specific playing hours if it is a public game and/or agree to specific hours if it is a private game. Also cutting the thinking time down can help as long as everyone lives in roughly the same time zone.
Jack McNeeb
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Re: Suugestion: option for indicating advanced moves

Post by Jack McNeeb »

On the one hand, you're correct, that this is a intrinsic problem with turn-based play. But what @jajasoon is mentioning is still a good solution in a positive direction. Just because it won't solve ALL of the turn-based slow-downs, doesn't mean the issue should be ignored. It will solve a portion of them. Cutting 20% of the wait time is still cutting 20% of the wait time.

This is a solution implemented over at for instance, where during stock rounds you can opt for auto-pass if you're truly finished with your stock manipulations. Does it make a game suddenly go 10x faster, like in live play? No, of course not. Does it speed up asynchronous play? Yes, of course it does. Would I rather play a game which doesn't require micromanaging an irrelevant action? Yes, of course I would.

Not only does it speed play, but it removes the literal annoyance of having to log on just to pass, when you knew you were going to pass yesterday when you finished your turn.
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Re: Suugestion: option for indicating advanced moves

Post by Devrsw »

This is one of our biggest issues with the game, as turn-based drags so long with the amount of minor (or unimportant) actions that need to be performed in sequence.

Here's a few things that I'd suggest to speed up the game as turn-based, done in other implementations here in BGA:
- Fall Visitor card draw. Allow all players to pick simultaneously, instead of in sequence. Some games allow you to request turn-based if you want to wait until your turn (almost never happens)
- Be able to mark privately to pass on your next turn, saving the turn where you login to do nothing
- Turn wakeup chart, pre-emptively and optionally select your spot
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