In the Year of the Dragon - Tutorial

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In the Year of the Dragon - Tutorial

Post by Melakye »

I just made a tutorial for In the Year of the Dragon. ... ;&tutorial

I would appreciate it if you could check it out. Even if you already know the game, I could use some feedback whether or not the tutorial is easy to understand and if there are any parts that are unclear. Thanks in advance.
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Re: In the year of the Dragon tutorial

Post by cigma »

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It is great!

I played In the Year of the Dragon years ago, so your tutorial was a fine refresher :-)

Just a couple of small comments:
- Typo in round 2 when opponent chooses warrior: „which only 3 Person Points“
- Typo in round 3: „Since your are now full. You have to release…“
- Round 5: Explaining research „will gain you 1 point…“ - better „victory point“, to distinguish it from "person point" (I'm not sure if there were other passages as well for this.)
- End scoring: Sell every left rice and firework for 2 yuan each, before you get 1 victory point for every 3 yuan.

I'm really impressed how well you explained this complex game!
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