Feedback to make playing easier in turn-based

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Feedback to make playing easier in turn-based

Post by Alanah »


Just off hand, in turn based you can see who may have voted based off shown votes and who's passed their turn. Which means in turn based its easier to see who's voted and potentially who for.

Also there's no way to change your mind if you get new information before the phase has ended.

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Re: Feedback to make playing easier in turn-based

Post by disu »

Hi Alanah and thanks for your feedback.
Answering your second sentence first, we don't want to be able to undo the pass action. If a player is insecure about the action to take, or want to wait for some other informations, it should take the risk to wait before pass, like most other games with simultaneous turns. I think it is a realistic situation.

For your first sentence I know you can have suspects on who votes who, observing who has passed its turn. I don't know many ways to avoid this without going too much against the BGA framework. And I would like to avoid it.
Also in this case you can hide this type of information avoid passing right after the vote. It is a partial solution i know, but the other solution is to make all votes visible only at the end of the phase, and this goes directly against the rules and the way Trusis is usually played. Players should know who is the suspected for other players and green team should have the opportunity to take advantage of this.
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