Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

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Re: Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

Post by Mike_Crosley »

cigma wrote: 06 December 2022, 20:23
twenty9oh7 wrote: 06 December 2022, 18:28 Maybe I'm still confused, but you can only play one card at a time per the rules, so if you aren't fast enough, then you aren't fast enough...I can understand the point with calling "solo" in between playing two cards, but if they changed it to where you could lay down more than one card at a time (because they are identical) it would break the spirit of being fastest. As soon as you lay down the first card, it is no longer your turn and any plays after are out of turn. So by you and OP's logic, are you saying that if I only have three green 6 cards in my hand, I should be able to lay all 3 down at once and claim that I won?
According to the rulebook:
"Discarding out of turn
If a player has exactly the same card in his hand as the card on top of the discard pile, he may put his card down immediately. It does not matter whether it is his turn or not. The player next to the discarder takes his turn next."
I think you misunderstood me. I am not talking about your opponent playing a duplicate of your card, let's take a sample hand:

Let's say I have two sixes. I want to play both. So I click to play one, it flies up, and because the cards animate their order, there's a delay where the system won't accept my next click. It doesn't last long, but if your opponent clicks a card of theirs in that tiny window, before I can click my second six, I didn't get to play my turn as intended due ONLY to the limitations of the interface. And this is EASILY fixable! Just like many other games, pick your card(s), then click Play. That's all it takes to fix it and exists in other BGA games already.

As I cited in other posts in this thread, if we were sitting across from each other, slamming your card down to prevent me from playing two is NOT part of the game. Its not even mentioned in the rules because it isn't a factor in live gameplay. If I want to play two cards, I pick them both up and I play them (something my proposed interface tweak replicates). That's all I'm saying is this bug (and it IS a bug) fails to replicate actual gameplay and needs to be addressed.

To get around this, I've gone to just playing Turn-based games of Solo. Its the ONLY GUARANTEED WAY TO PLAY A FAIR GAME.
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Re: Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

Post by cigma »

Mike_Crosley wrote: 08 January 2023, 06:59 Just like many other games, pick your card(s), then click Play.
I don't think this could be solved so easily. When you have the two sixes as your last cards, you have to click "solo" in between. The interface should promote this also.

Maybe after playing their card the active player should get a priority for half a second or so to continue?
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Re: Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

Post by Mike_Crosley »

Why would adding clicking SOLO be any more difficult? You do it manually as it is. The system takes the clicks, currently one at a time, checks them, processes them, shows the results. The same thing would apply:
Click SOLO
Click PLAY (or Submit or Done)

This is the same interface when you are playing Hearts and are making your pass at the start of three out of every four hands...and that's amongst four players.
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Re: Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

Post by Thivan »

Je ne suis pas un joueur particulièrement rapide, pourtant j'arrive à me classer dans le top 10. La rapidité n'est pas garant de victoire dans SOLO. Sur 10 parties, combien de fois cela se produit-il d'avoir deux cartes identique et d'avoir en face un joueur tellement rapide qu'il arrive à glisser sa propre carte entre les deux ? Et combien de fois cela fait-il gagner l'autre joueur ? Encore moins souvent. C'est un coup génial mais rarement décisif.
Si la rapidité est un atout pour certain, tant mieux pour eux.
Allez, un petit truc : hors votre tour, placer déjà le curseur de votre souris sur une carte, cliquez dessus mais sans relever le doigt de votre souris et attendez. Si une carte identique apparaît, relever simplement votre doigt de la souri et la carte part instantanément, même hors de votre tour, cela n'a rien à voir avec la vitesse mais avec l'anticipation. Certains joueurs sont très fort avec cette technique souvent parce qu'ils ont retenus les cartes passées aux autres lors des changements de main par exemple.
Anticiper et avoir raison c'est aussi une part de chance :)
A choisir je préfère largement les joueurs rapides que les non-joueurs qui pêchent des cartes sans jouer (tactique du chaos) juste pour ennuyer les autres (et que je mets en blacklist instantanément)

I am not a particularly fast player, yet I manage to get into the top 10. Speed does not guarantee victory in SOLO. Out of 10 games, how often does it happen that you have two identical cards and a player who is so fast that he can slide his own card between them? And how often does that make the other player win? Even less often. It's a great move but rarely decisive.
If speed is an asset for some, all the better for them.
Come on, a little trick: out of your turn, place your mouse cursor on a card, click on it but without raising your mouse finger and wait. If an identical card appears, simply lift your mouse finger and the card goes instantly, even out of your turn, it has nothing to do with speed but with anticipation. Some players are very good at this technique often because they have held back cards passed to others during hand changes for example.
Anticipating and being right is also a part of luck :)
If I have to choose, I much prefer fast players than non-players who fish for cards without playing (chaos tactics) just to annoy the others (and whom I blacklist instantly)
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Re: Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

Post by Mortal Gavin »

Sounds to me like the game is just fine but you don't like the rules. I see no problem, all fair and correct here.
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