Stealing Cards

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Stealing Cards

Post by RoyalApe »

Can we change mechanics from clicking on cards in hand to steal to pure randomization of which card to steal. Just have us choose the player - and not the specific card in hand.

It seems that mermaids are always on right hand side of a hand - so if a player has one, you can always steal it.

Maybe I'm just paranoid about it.
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Re: Stealing Cards

Post by thoun »

It's just a visual thing, but it's exactly the same as just choosing a name. In fact it was choosing the name during the alpha, but the publisher asked for this change to make it more like the physical game.
Yet I just changed the visual, and no matter which card you click, it just sends the server which player you chose. So, totally random, even if it doesn't seem so (read the lots of forum post about random and human bias if youwant to learn more). The source code is available if you want to double-check ;)
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Re: Stealing Cards

Post by PichAl »

And do you think that it would be possible to see a bit the card stolen. Often I do not remember which card disappeared in my hand :(
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