Excluding characters

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Excluding characters

Post by Gorgosz »

Hi all,
As you may know playing with a character with 3 life can be a lot of pain. Although their abilities are quite good I would not say they are overpowered thus I don't feel it justified to have lower HP. Downsides are obvious you die more easily because you have less HP and therefore less card to safe yourself. But there could be other characters you may despise.

So what I would like to suggest is, when creating a game, to have an option to exclude certain characters. What do we have now is an option to choose one character for each player. But for other games there are options to choose which rules/expansions you wanna play. I think of something similar in BANG's case just with characters. I hope it's make sense.
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Re: Excluding characters

Post by Starwarrior1128 »

I like this idea because Paul Regret has 3 life points and his ability is not very good.
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Re: Excluding characters

Post by ChiefPointThief »

I wouldn't exclude them but I do consider them the weakest. There are situations you may want to play with them.
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Re: Excluding characters

Post by Ceaseless »

Paul Regret having 1 less health can be very annoying, though that ability often shields them from the early targeting that can brutalize a player's early game. Mustang can be brutal, and being immune to Panic unless they get the rare Scope or are Rose is neat. Not one of my top picks for character, but there are worse players to be, especially depending on your role. Though I think Paul would have been fine at standard health.

El Gringo, on the other hand, can be brutal. Players don't really want to target them, as he's pricier to actually hit, better to let someone else do it. He can die if everyone just bites the bullet and gets him hit. Mass shoot options can get it done, though it might not be the best for the players that did it.

Still, aren't there already options to choose a set of characters for a game to use here?
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Re: Excluding characters

Post by GeraldineMerida »

The common variant of players each drawing 2 character cards and picking one of them would solve this problem.
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Re: Excluding characters

Post by KuWizard »

This is implemented now
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