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Exchange PRNG

Post by H4YTH4M_KENWAY »

I feel like the exchange isn't truly random, it happened a lot when I exchange 2 cards, first time and another and get the same withdrawn cards, am I missing sth about game adaption, shouldn't the cards be shuffled in an actual game 100% random?
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Re: Exchange PRNG

Post by quietmint »

There is no problem here. The deck is shuffled each time cards are discarded, including after the exchange action.

Remember there can be multiple copies of each card in the deck, so even if it see the same result as last time it might not be the same cards as last time. Also true randomness is "clumpy" and does have repeats.
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Re: Exchange PRNG

Post by __Mac__ »

Also, even if/when you happen to draw the same two cards you have to keep in mind that ONLY YOU KNOW THIS and your opponents dont.

You can take this a step FURTHER and intentionally draw the same cards that you had after your opponents "have figured you out" as they likely wont think u simple choose to keep the same cards. The mind games are endless. Try it 😁

Also, hi quietmint ✋🏽 Hope ya been well (:
I like Coup.
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