Multi-game matches

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Multi-game matches

Post by Sysyphus »

Alright, I am not sure where to talk about this : BGA suggestions? TTR suggestions? Tournament forums?

We would like to resume the tournaments we used to have on the old DoW site, but we have 2 constraints:

- multi game tournaments : we can go around this, setting up several games in a row outside of a regular BGA tournament settings.

- setting the start player : how can we guarantee that both players would have an even number of starts in a series of 6 games?

Playing a tournament without the possibility to set the start equally is far from ideal.

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Re: Multi-game matches

Post by euklid314 »

If you offer a rematch in any 2-player game and it is accepted, then the start player will change (I hope this information is still correct, but you can easily check that out)...

In multi-player games the seating order will stay the same but the starting player will also change. The playing order will switch from, e.g., 12345 to 23451.
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