Rules Implementation Mistakes - Kraken Expansion

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Rules Implementation Mistakes - Kraken Expansion

Post by SeuGrillo »

I've been playing a lot of Abyss here in BGA since Kraken released, because I love the game and own a physical copy for years now...
But there are 2 things that I don't know it should be possible, but the BGA implementation allows:

1 - You shouldn't be able to free and Ambassador with the Liberator to get an additional Location... His ability is a "one time use" only, and the 3 keys that they represent are just figurative... In the most recent releases of the game, they aren't even there (Same thing aplies for the BGA implementation, were embassadors don't have 3 Keys on their cards)

Here's the correct rules:
( ... o-key-icon)

I know Cathala spoke on this old tread here ( ... -liberator) but it's now confirmed to be outdated... (Read the final post in this tread)

It's important to clarify that at the end of the game, Ambassadors count for the location 'Lost Tower' ('3 for each of your lords without a key') and they don't count for the 'Closed Tower' (3 for each of your lords with a key)

Link for the game that I played when this happened: ... 0&goto=193#

2 - Assassins can remove a key from a lord, this interation caught me of guard and I didn't know it was possible, since it was not stated in the translated rulebook I have with my physical version... But it looks like that's the case, and the implementation is correct (, if anyone can confirm it would be awesome

But last but not least, I encounter something that I wasn't able to do in this version of game:

I tried to recruit "The Outlaw" or "The Cleaner", but the game didn't registered my Kraken (2) as a Jellyfish to get a total of 7, with my other Jellyfish cards (1, 2, 2) !! So I couldn't buy it, even tough the Lord's card border was "glowing", showing it was possible for me to recruit him, people tried to help me on the chat, but I ended not getting the lord

Link for the game: ... 0&goto=219#

Does Kraken count as a Second Race of Allies ? They should be versatille, rigth ? I should be the one to decide wich kraken is wich race...

To summarize, I think Number 1 is a wrong implementation of the games ruleset, Number 2 appears to be correct behavior, but I'm not sure yet, and Number 3 looks like a straigh up bug... Can everyone help with all of this ? Should I post Cases 1 and 3 on Bug Report ?
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Re: Rules Implementation Mistakes - Kraken Expansion

Post by T72on1 »

I can't help with the rules I'm afraid, as I'm new to Kraken myself (just bought both expansions, jay!). But yes, a bug report is the best way to go on with this. That's not to say that a discussion here can't be useful. But for most visibility for the developer, definitely file bug reports.
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Re: Rules Implementation Mistakes - Kraken Expansion

Post by -SQD-Johnnytrueblood »


I'll take a stab at clearing some of this up:

1.) I can't offer clarification on this as I'm not an authority.
2.) The Assassin card states: once disabled, the affected lord only counts for IP (i.e. no key, no power, no race --just IP).
3.) One of your opponents had the recruiter active, and you also had an additional 4 pink ally in your hand (at least according to the replay) (which is why it was lit up to purchase), so although you could have purchased it using the additional 4 pink you were encountering a shortfall when only using the 2-2-1 pink and a 2 kraken.

Hope this was helpful.
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