Boy Howdy

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Prof Donuts
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Boy Howdy

Post by Prof Donuts »

This game sure is a noodle scratcher.

I often like to play it with my friends while having a good cheese sandwich because just like this game, both are quality. I'd like to play it more but no one is ever online. You should really give it a chance. Should you have time please play with me but you have to give me time because remember I may be eating a delicious cheese sandwich.

I'm always available to play except on the third sabbath after a full moon. That's when I have to go and visit Mr. Johnson.

Anyhow it is time for me to be off as I need to restock my provolone supply. You probably think this is for my cheese sandwiches but it is not, it is for my cat. Her name is Senator Meow Face.
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Re: Boy Howdy

Post by rptrmachine »

Either tom green is on BGA or you liked last one laughing Canada as much as I did.
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