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Not Alone Bug Reports

Post by MrBeardy »

A little thread for easy reference to bug reports so people can vote more easily. Feel free to add other bugs if you create reports. And please do vote so these hopefully get fixed.

Weird bug where Toxin causes complete removal of the survival card from the game:

The annoying NaN showing instead of the number of place cards a player has left in their hand:
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Re: Not Alone Bug Reports

Post by KenFin1 »

Is this where we report bugs for this game? I had one today where I was prevented from using flashback to replay detour after using tracking to play two cards. I had played forbidden zone (phase 2) then detour (phase 3). On the next go flashback wouldn't let me use detour again. If I tried to play detour it just said "You cannot play this card this phase". Refreshing the game showed detour before forbidden zone in the creature discard stack, so the game seems to have logged detour then forbidden zone which is not possible as phase 2 cards have to be used before phase 3.

EDITED because I found a bug report here It looks like this is something that has been known about for a while now sadly without getting fixed.
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