New Stat Number of Turns

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Pistol Star
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New Stat Number of Turns

Post by Pistol Star »

This stat is shown in the statistics of any single game but not in the overall statistics.

I think this stat is by far the most important stat of all.

Would it be possible to implement this stat into the overall statistics?

To the dev: Thank you so much for implementing this beautiful game in such a beautiful way! It looks stunning and plays magnificently.
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Re: New Stat Number of Turns

Post by michaelHastriter »

Agreed! I always try to win in 28 turns
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Re: New Stat Number of Turns

Post by thg0724 »

I won in 23 turns (I think my first real win) and wanted to see how this compares to average and was unable; would love to see this statistic.

In a more recent strategy thread, someone said they aim for 19-21 turns. Wow! I guess I'm going too slow.
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