Tinner Trail suggestinos

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Tinner Trail suggestinos

Post by AmericanEagle »

Is this the correct forum to post suggestions for Tinner's Trail? or is the suggestion forum the place to post game suggestions?

I never see any of these posts get any replies. I attempted to post a reply to my fellow gamers' suggestions. Yet their suggested post just seems to sit there, and I wonder if it's being considered.

Sorry I get confused where to post these types of suggestions. I only post when I believe it will help the playing experience for everyone. If I'm struggling to see, to find, to understand the "move log" displayed (hoping it gave more detail); then I'm sure others are having that same experience.

I was so happy to see a Martin Wallace game on BGA, and I know the codes did an excellent job, kudos to all those involved.

Please take my comments as being helpful, I am not criticizing. BGA is the best designed web site!
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