Drop the log and card counter

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Drop the log and card counter

Post by Jwizzle »

Hi yall,

just curious to see what everyone thinks. I completely disagree with having the Log visible in Scopa (or any card game) for that matter. Card games are meant to involve multiple skills to have an outcome that is based on more than luck, and having the log just ruins it from my POV. I know everyone can read the log, but then it comes down to who can read it the fastest during their turn and not make a mistake (yea yea I hear you - clearly a skill :lol: )

The second part is the card taken counter. When playing live, that last hand is exciting because youre never quite sure if youve kept perfect count... right now, I just look over and don't stress if I have 21 cards already (outside of looking for Suns or Prime of course).
Maybe if these were just turned off in Arena Mode, it could give the best of both worlds.

Anyhow, interested in the thoughts and comments
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