Tie for Gearheads

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Tie for Gearheads

Post by aidNeedsSleep »

I recently had a game where there was a draw for the highest number of tool cards. By my calculations the totals were as follows:


Player 1:
4 tools (0 contested)
[rifle, shovel, shovel, spear]

Player 2:
4 tools (2 contested)
[grenade, shovel, spear, wolf pack]

Player 3:
3 tools (2 contested)
[grenade, multitool, wolf pack]

The end result was that the gearheads had no allegiance to any player.
The rules say "Ties broken by most tools that are contested resources."
Shouldn't the gearheads have pledged allegiance to player 2 or have I misinterpreted the rules?
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