Balance of gods powers

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Balance of gods powers

Post by Vanatox »

On what basis the powers of gods have been modificated?
For example Greya (3 witches).
Originally: build with any of 3 workers
BGA: build with one of two workers that hasn't been moved

I can not see such balance tweaks on BGG nor on Roxley website.

+ Can i see all of the balance issues that has been introduced to BGA?
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Re: Balance of gods powers

Post by LiverwillandCSteam »

Almost every God has its counterpart so it keeps the game strategic and interesting.
Santorini on bga has done several balance tweaks in order to keep the game more balanced as shown from the "revised power" tag from god power cards.
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Re: Balance of gods powers

Post by gretirse »

The rules implemented here are exactly the ones used in the official mobile app, which is the only updated official resource I know of. The updated powers are Proteus Heracles bia aeolus adonis charybdis jason Némésis limus siren medea and graeae.
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Re: Balance of gods powers

Post by quietmint »

See "how to play" wiki page for the specifics of each power and note "REVISED POWER" to see which have been adjusted vs. the physical board game.
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Re: Balance of gods powers

Post by GordonHamilton »

There will be a lot more re-tweaks and entire reworking of a few cards going into the Pantheon edition. I made some incorrect balancing decisions for the original Santorini. Chronus is maybe the most obvious. It is far too weak. Going forward, Chronus will only require four domes to win.
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