Big bug? Can choose opposite color placement.

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Big bug? Can choose opposite color placement.

Post by PorkSocks »


Very new to this game, but it looks like there is a big contradiction between the rules I've read and the implementation on the site. On my opponent's first move, he revealed a room and placed my token (a warrior) AND his token (Thief). It just so happens my warrior was placed adjacent to the next tile and revealed it. It had one of the opponent's tokens and two of mine, but I was able to place ALL the tokens. This seems to fly in the face of the following rule, which is even printed in the rules section of the BGA implementation:

"The player revealing the room first places all the tokens that were on this room except the objects matching their own color. These objects are placed by their opponent after the revealing player has placed all the other tokens."

So must we collaborate to keep this rule in place? We play turn-based over days rather than live, which would make that really difficult.

Did we miss a setting somewhere? I thought I kept everything default for our first game.
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Re: Big bug? Can choose opposite color placement.

Post by ufm »

It seems you're referring this table: ... =353351447
Then the actions were correctly performed as tokens the turn player placed were either characters or the opponent's objects.
...except the objects matching their own color...
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Re: Big bug? Can choose opposite color placement.

Post by tchobello »

Hello PorkSocks,

Tokens are Characters and Objects.
Therefore, a player revealing a room can place all Characters and all opponent's Objects in any order and only one per square available.
If there are some of his Objects, his opponent places them after he has placed the ones he was allowed to place.

There are some exceptions in the expansion 'Forces of Darkness'.
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