Players taking forever to place cubes in the production phase

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Players taking forever to place cubes in the production phase

Post by Vjekoslav_Nemec »

Hi all,

Ever since the Wonderful World game came out here on the boardgame arena, I have been completely hooked and have played more games in the last three months than I probably should have (especially after jumping onto the Arena grind). And even though the whole journey has been a fantastic experience and I really enjoy the community and the implementation of the game, one thing that has been frustrating me a lot is people taking forever to place the cubes in the production phase.

I understand the input of the cubes is sometimes not registered due to the occassional glitches in the interface. I also understand people sometimes want to think/reconsider whether they want to produce/send to empire. But honestly, given the amount of games where people casually take 1-2 minutes to place the cubes on a card in the production phase even when there is only one obvious choice is too large to be explained purely by the glitches in the interface or the necessity to think.

I have had several people openly admit they are simply alt-tabbing/doing other stuff - and someone even said they are also working while playing the game. I understand this can happen once or twice during a game (sometimes I have to take a bathroom break or make coffee in the middle of it), but when someone is consistently doing it every single round of every single production phase, I personally think it is just plain rude. I guess I find it hard to understand why you would start a game where you already know you will be distracted and forced to alt-tab throughout it to begin with.

Note that I am not complaining about people taking their time in the drafting/planning phase. We all know this is a very deep and complex game and that calculating all the possibilities and considering all the options takes time. But when you are producing two black cubes and have Zepellin on the table and it is obvious you are going to place them there, I really don't see why it would take 2 minutes to do so every single turn.

I am aware I am probably taking this game way too seriously and that my competitive nature took over while grinding for Arena. I would, therefore, like to hear opinions of others and perhaps appeal to the players to refrain from indulging in this practice.

Thanks and keep enjoying the game!


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Re: Players taking forever to place cubes in the production phase

Post by RicardoRix »

You have the option of a personal red-thumb.

I am guessing that you're over exaggerating the problem. You might from time to time come across a player like this. But ultimately there is not much you can do against this behaviour. The turn time is hard baked into the BGA framework, you're not likely to get that changed.
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Re: Players taking forever to place cubes in the production phase

Post by Palapapa »

this is more of a general issue for every game.

BGA allows too much time bank recovery every move. Opponents can spend like an hour if they use their whole time bank every move and can still say "I am allowed to do so".

Change settings to "fastplay" isn't a solution as you may need a legitimate one time few minutes of thinking for a big decision or if you have a lot of things to do in one round like a big cristalization in the game Seasons.

Recovery of time bank should be reduced to the minimum to prevent not being able to kick very slow players off the game.
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