Diceathlon is now beta

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Diceathlon is now beta

Post by n_e_s_s_u_n_o »

Hi all,
who loves dice and sports will love this roll and write game. Well maybe you can play sports comfortably seated on a sofa :D but the competition will be hard as well.

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Jaky Hostinec
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Re: Diceathlon is now beta

Post by Jaky Hostinec »

Not sure this is a bug, so that's why I post it here. It's about golf again. The How to Play section says this:


In Golf players must complete the course using the fewest dice. To complete a hole the sum of the dice used must add up to greater than or equal to the number in the flag. Holes must be completed in order. The winner is whoever finished the course with the least amount of dice used. In case of a tie, lowest sum of dice wins.

In the case no player finished the course, the player with more holes completed is considered the winner.

Just had a game in which both players completed all 3 holes using 9 dice. And we got tied in this category because the sum of dice at 3rd hole was 15 (that's the number displayed in the medal table as well). But the bolded sentence doesn't specify lowest sum at 3rd whole, it implies lowest sum of all dice, in which case I should have lost that category, 35 to 33.
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