Change points calculations for games with skipped players

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Change points calculations for games with skipped players

Post by Purishnel »

I have seen more than enough examples when, in a multiplayer game inside a tournament, when a player is out of time, another one that is behind and will probably finish last skips him, thus becoming joint winner and getting more tournament points than deserved. Could anything be done about this?! Here are some ideas:

1. Clasify players based on remaining time, just like when total time expires.
2. Do not skip player unless all other players at the table (except him/her) agree.
3. Introduce the option to create tournaments without the possibility to skip players.

Are all these so hard to implement? Has this discussion been open in the past? I'm curious of counter arguments why it works the way it does today, which is really unfair for a lot of people.
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Re: Change points calculations for games with skipped players

Post by Kayvon »

There's been a lot of discussion around #3. It's hotly discussed and debated in a separate thread and a site suggestion.

#2 sounds good, but opens up a problem where the losing players can conspire to prevent the winning player from actually winning by refusing to take more turns. It's not a thing that normal, reasonable people would do, but it's definitely a thing that will still happen if implemented.

#1 is a solid option for games that support it. It doesn't work for games that compute a lot of the scores after the final round, which is very common with euro games. You can have few in-game points and then get most of your score when everything is revealed and tallied at the end. To have your suggestion work site-wide, games would need to be rewritten individually to support it, which isn't going to happen.
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