Request: reveal trackable info

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Request: reveal trackable info

Post by saccenti »

Been playing this with a few sets of friends, always turn-based. For turn-based games--that might play out over days or even week--our preference is for the OPTION to display trackable info. You could, after all, take notes, or scroll down the log.

For a live game, I wouldn't want this, since the memory element is a portion of the fun of the game.

But that element of the game design disappears of course in a contest that plays out over a long time, and to the detriment of the game.

You would need to implement it so that the number of your non-trackable trains (your starting trains) remains "hidden" (in silhouette or whatever).

Have lost a couple players to this issue, who thought it was "not fun" that you end up kind of just playing blindly (and nobody cares enough about a light family game like Paris Connection to take the time for notes, or log-scrolling).

This should of course be optional, and not the default, since many won't care for this idea.
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Re: Request: reveal trackable info

Post by TheCat »

I would like to second the request for an option to have traded locomotives be public information.
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Re: Request: reveal trackable info

Post by Stuff by Bez »

If folk agree, please upvote this bug report:
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