How do you launch the sled?

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Joe Andrews
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How do you launch the sled?

Post by Joe Andrews »

Can't get the sled off the boat! What do you do?
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CB Droege
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Re: How do you launch the sled?

Post by CB Droege »

On your player card is a little diagram of the boat and the sled.

active --> active
boat <-- sled
used --> used
boat <-- sled

Click the arrows to move people from one place to the other.
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Re: How do you launch the sled?

Post by totobis »

Trying to deploy the sled (don't know where to click to deploy the sled by the way, it's not clear). When clicking on transfer I am getting a message "ship and sled must be on the same tile to transfer". Well, the sled is nowhere to be found on the board. There are several crewmen on the ship column (left column) and 1 on the right colum (sled column). Trying to transfer any crewmen from either column to the other gives the error message. Clicking on the boat doesn't suggest deploying the sled. No way to deploy it seems.
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