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Has anyone else noticed errors in elo calculation? There have been cases where I’ve won against a player and beat them again in the very next rematch but got more points in the second game. If my points had just gone up and there’s down the gap between the two would be greater so surely I should have got less points not more? There have also been times when I have beat strong rank players and not got any points but beat an apprentice and got a point. Very strange not sure why this is happening.
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Re: ELO errors

Post by Jellby »

What kind of differences are we talking about? If it's just +/- 1 point, it's probably just rounding. If you hover on your ELO in the results screen, you'll see what the actual change was, with two decimal places.

If you mean larger differences, please show the table ids. You can find your games in https://boardgamearena.com/gamestats?pl ... me_id=1468
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