ELO in cooperative mode

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ELO in cooperative mode

Post by Jellby »

I don't know how cooperative ELO works in this game, because (a) I haven't won a coop game yet, and (b) I have lost games with ELO below 100, so I don't lose ELO anyway. But I think cooperative mode should be training-mode only. Otherwise it's too easy to cheat and inflate your ELO.

Even in competitive mode it's too easy to cheat given that the number of scenarios is limited. I'm sure people will quickly save a list of all possible scenarios and refer to it to know exactly which terrain and crop goes in each square. There's still a competition if both players do this, but it's a different game, with no guessing/deduction.
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Re: ELO in cooperative mode

Post by SitDownGames »

Hello Jellby,

We have already noted this inconsistency and the process to remove the competitive/ ELO functionalities is in progress.

Of course, this is not adapted for competition if the scenarios are already known by some players.

If one day we had to organize competitive games, it would be done with new and unpublished scenarios.

Thanks for your feedback :-)
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