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confirm button?

Post by kytbell »

Hi. I know developer time is limited on non-premium games, but I'm curious to know if BGA has ever explored a confirm button for Reversi. To clarify, I'm talking about a button that pops up after your move, giving you so many seconds to confirm that this is the move you'd like to make. I've seen it on Azul, Welcome To, and a few other games. On those games, if you don't click the button after so many seconds, the game accepts this action as your move. If this isn't the move you meant to make though, there's an option to "cancel" or "restart your turn" (the exact wording differs from game to game).

This would be tremendously helpful for phone and tablet users. The UI on phones is the same as computer: BGA displays the entire webpage, which includes arena rankings, player status, achievements, and lot of other info in addition to the board. This means phone users especially have to slide the window down with their finger in order to see the whole game board at once. As the game is now, it's far too easy to use your finger to try to move the grid then accidentally touch a square. It's also far too easy to inadvertently make a move if you're using both fingers to minimize or expand the board (the game can think your second finger is the move). And as we all know, in Reversi, one wrong move can cost you the game.

A confirm option would completely fix this problem, and thanks.
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Re: confirm button?

Post by CheekyBandit »

I think the idea is once you make a move you are committed to playing it. This I believe the rule in tournament Othello is once you place a disc on the board with the intention of playing a legal move you must play it. Therefore a confirm button is against the spirit of the rules.
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