A game of "Grand Tichu-12 rounds"

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A game of "Grand Tichu-12 rounds"

Post by Moina2020 »

A game of "Grand Tichu-12 rounds". A game for fun and light-hearted moments.

Play this with friends and a deck of Tichu cards.

Team AC vs BD. Each players gets to be Grand Tichu caller thrice.

A dealer prepares and keeps a secret list of 12 "first 8 cards". All 4 players do not know the contents of the list.

For example:
1. DogPh 22333A
2. DrDog 1245910
3. Ph 3467QQA
4. DrPhDog 15566
5. Dr 366JJJA
6. Dr 3456KKK
7. 991010JJAA
8. Dr 23JQAAA
9. Dr 2222KKA
10. Dr 2266810A
11. Dr 8910JQKA
12. Ph 12345JJ

Table difficulty: Grand Tichu-Easy 7
Penalties: Fail test of strength (not exit 1st) : -100 points, Fail test of speed (hitting step 8) : -100 points

Player A starts off as Grand Tichu caller, he selects number 6 (an example) from 1-12. Dealer crosses number 6 and gives Player A, his first 8 cards: Dr 3456KKK, dealer shuffles deck, deals 14 cards to all 3 players (BCD) and gives the last remaining 6 cards to Player A. All players enter cards-exchange phase. Player with mahjong 1 starts.

Outcomes: a) If Player A exit first and exit within his first 7 steps, +200 points b) Player A exit first but he hits step 8, -100 points c) Player A did not exit first but all his 14 cards (played out) passed the speed test, -100 points d) Player A failed both tests, -200 points.

At the end of the first round, Player B gets to be the next Grand Tichu caller and selects a number from 1-12 (he cannot select number 6). Player C will be the next Grand Tichu caller at round 3. Play this for a total of 12 rounds. Team with highest points at the end of 12 rounds wins!! Have fun! :)
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Re: A game of "Grand Tichu-12 rounds"

Post by Moina2020 »

A different variant with more realistic cards drawn goes like this, without the dealer.

Player A as designated Grand Tichu caller-dealer shuffles deck, deals out 8 cards into 4 piles. In front of all 3 players, he gets to look into all 4 piles and choose one of these piles as his starting first 8 cards. For example:
Pile A: 12368810J
Pile B: 2257710QA
Pile C: 3448810QK
Pile D: 779910JQA

Player A opts for Pile D, all cards from from other piles (A,B,C) are shuffled back into main deck. He shuffles the main deck (optional:cutting by a player) and deals to each player (BCD) 14 cards each, Last remaining 6 cards are added to his 779910JQA cards. Play proceeds as usual.

Great fun game for house party-birthday event with friends coming with potluck meals, or play it a McD, KFC, Starbuck cafe, etc. :)
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