Koryo removed from BGA :(

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Koryo removed from BGA :(

Post by sourisdudesert »

Dear Koryo players,

We are very sad to announce that we have to take back Koryo today from Board Game Arena, due to difficulties regarding the intellectual property rights status about this game.

We discussed this with the publisher and tried to find any possible solution, but unfortunately no solution is possible on the short term.
There are many examples of games that were removed from BGA and were restored after some time, so there is still hope that the situation will become more favorable in the future, but for the foreseeable future there is nothing more to be done.

Thank you for the vibrant community of this game! Hope to see you soon on other games on BGA!
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Re: Koryo removed from BGA :(

Post by GimmeUrCoin »

Sad to hear this, hope to see it return one day.
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