Puerto Rico needs a redesign

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Re: Puerto Rico needs a redesign

Post by Natus »

asd123321 wrote: 27 January 2020, 02:40 to make it easier to see everything. Buildings are way too small.

Flip the Plantations and ships 90 degrees clockwise and have them right of your player board
Make the player's board much larger. Put the Goods box below the Buildings. Make the Buildings
twice as big
I came here to post this. Most if not all the boardgame adaptations here are fantastic. The Puerto Rico one is simply not one of them. I'm in a game now and it's exceedingly difficult to se where anything is and it seems like you're playing from a satellite over Earth. Surely the UI can be improved!
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Re: Puerto Rico needs a redesign

Post by Tilt »

This is just to let the bga community of Puerto Rico know that this game is probably not getting as many new players as it should because of the terrible UI. For some reason the UI is microscopic and for a new player it's unfeasible to be continually hovering the mouse over buildings just to know what they are. I'm a long time Caylus player and was considering getting into Puerto Rico but decided against it as soon as I saw the terrible UI.

If it changes COMPLETELY someday, then maybe I would reconsider playing it here. Until then I'll learn a different game.

Good luck!
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Re: Puerto Rico needs a redesign

Post by tchobello »

Puerto Rico has been designed quite 12 years ago...

I''m not very sure a developer will be keen to redesign it as a volunteer.
It's not that hard but you all players are so demanding...

Seasons redesign has got too many very mean comments in less than two days !
I surely won't redesign Puerto Rico for this reason.
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Re: Puerto Rico needs a redesign

Post by john0607 »

I came in here to say the same thing. The interface is terrible as the graphics is way too small. As someone who wears glasses, trying to play this game was literally hurting my eyes and I'm playing it on a full sized PC screen. No other game has done that. Won't be playing it again
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Re: Puerto Rico needs a redesign

Post by DJ VenoM »

It DESPERATELY needs one! :P

Of course it's great to have the game here, but the current UI can be quite frustrating...

Who's designed the original BGA adaptation?
(don't know where to find this information)

Maybe it's a small step from the original code if the designer could work on that. It's mostly about resizing and relocating elements on the screen.

Please, O.D, ship this wanting colonists some barrels of redesign! :D

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