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Post by USDescartes »

I appreciate the effort it takes to to get the graphics and programming rules right in order to get the game into beta. However...

I'm very confused. The only rules provided are from an outside source, and there are like six different instances of "some people play this rule" and two instances of "players need to agree on how to score this thing." There are some instances of how to score in the Table Configuration portion of the Play page here on BGA, but the descriptions are too brief and – at a minimum - somewhat unclear.

I don't think I will try the game until there is a list of BGA Golf rules actually posted in the "Game rules" section.

Thanks for making the game, though. I look forward to playing it after the rules are posted.
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Re: Rules

Post by haoleboy »

I've updated the rules in the wiki page based on the recent tutorial.
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