Norwegians Expansion?

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Norwegians Expansion?

Post by Duke22 »

Are there any plans to add the Norwegians expansion in the future?
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by Archduke »

I'm the game dev. Thanks for your interest in the expansion! I also own The Norwegians and think it greatly improves the base game.

Whether the expansions are added is up to the publisher, and I can't speak on their behalf. However, even if the expansion is on the cards, it's unlikely I will have the time to do it myself. We will see, but I'm sure another developer will be able to take up the mantel if it's necessary : )
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by Guiscard »

bummer! The Norwegians is necessary! Great job with the game though!
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by Yonderboy701 »

I have less experience playing with my Norwegians expansion than the base game, but I agree that it would be fabulous if the publisher were to agree to let it be added to the game.

They obviously allowed for the first Mini Expansion (#1), so they mustn't be closed to the idea of all expansions. Adding Norwegians, Mini Expansion #2, and the Christmas/Winter special tiles would be GREAT as options.

I'm probably going to keep my BGA account forever due to A Feast For Odin being on the site now. It's one of my Top 5 all-time games, and I adore my physical copy, but the fact that I can play a nice slow turn-based game with friends from afar, or even play a game with my wife without the need to tie up our gaming table and set up all the bits is amazingly valuable to me.

Archduke, thank you eternally for your effort here. This implementation is an exceptional feat!!
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by turboraton »

many, MANY thanks for this wonderful implementation. If the Norwegians gets added it would be a dream come true.
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by Natus »

I second everything that Yonderboy said. Truly a masterful digital adaptation.
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by RenegadeSibe »

Guiscard wrote: 19 February 2022, 02:22 bummer! The Norwegians is necessary! Great job with the game though!
Agreed- the expansion is needed and would be welcome. Some friends won't play without it.
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by TadinTBHG »

Bumping this thread, any news of a Norwegians expansion for Feast coming up ?
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by waaaayback »

Agreed! Please implement the Norwegians! we never play the base game IRL
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Re: Norwegians Expansion?

Post by fiscused »

I figure this will happen when they release the next physical expansion, which I have no news on.
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