Tinner Trail suggestinos

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Tinner Trail suggestinos

Post by AmericanEagle »

Is this the correct forum to post suggestions for Tinner's Trail? or is the suggestion forum the place to post game suggestions?

I never see any of these posts get any replies. I attempted to post a reply to my fellow gamers' suggestions. Yet their suggested post just seems to sit there, and I wonder if it's being considered.

Sorry I get confused where to post these types of suggestions. I only post when I believe it will help the playing experience for everyone. If I'm struggling to see, to find, to understand the "move log" displayed (hoping it gave more detail); then I'm sure others are having that same experience.

I was so happy to see a Martin Wallace game on BGA, and I know the codes did an excellent job, kudos to all those involved.

Please take my comments as being helpful, I am not criticizing. BGA is the best designed web site!
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Re: Tinner Trail suggestinos

Post by fiomtec »

This is the only game I've seen were the lack of undo is not the worst problem with the implementation. The pop ups are just terrible.

Looking at the bug reports, the author is not fixing either, so...

And no, there are not enough confirmations. By far.
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Re: Tinner Trail suggestinos

Post by cigma »

The right place for suggestions on Tinner's Trail is here: https://boardgamearena.com/bugs?game=1571
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