Hearts update is now in alpha

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Re: Hearts update is now in alpha

Post by SquashEngineer »

Unless there’s a way to easily see all cards that have been played in Turn-based, I still won’t be going back to this.
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Re: Hearts update is now in alpha

Post by SleeperService »

MistakenIdentity wrote: 04 March 2023, 17:58 I think it is a bad idea to add options. I think that adding options tends to make a game less popular by making it harder to find the particular game that you want to play.
It can already take a considerable amount of time to find a Hearts game during certain times of day (late at night by U.S. Mountain Time Zone for instance or any time on Friday). Adding more options just makes finding a game harder.
I agree. I hope they keep the existing game as is in addition if thus version is implemented. This is the only game I play in BGA.

If any changes were to be made they should be in the scoring and maybe the option of adding points to your score after a moonshot.
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Re: Hearts update is now in alpha

Post by ufm »

Deployed a new version:
- Changed TRAM animation
- Removed 25 / 150 / 200 points options, 'Queen of Spades breaks Heart' option and trick-related options
- Added Black Maria and Spot Hearts rules
- Streamlined option list
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