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Re: new layout

Post by vero14 »

Est-ce que les modérateurs pourraient prendre en considération nos avis et au moins nous répondre ? Est-ce que 4 pages ne suffisent pas a provoquer un semblant de réponse somme nous si insignifiant ?
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Re: new layout

Post by Virjammin »

The new interface is unplayably terrible. Any chance of going back to the old one?
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Re: new layout

Post by drstuey »

I don't want to be negative and hate on new things just because they are different, but ... I really hate it and I can't play it any more now it is too annoying.

I also keep getting the cards popping-up and they cannot be dismissed. So frustrating.

Just as bad, I find it impossible to choose which year to put my hand cards into. They never go in the correct year. If there is a trick to how you can get the cards to go in the correct year I haven't figured it out. Not intuitive.

And what on earth are those stupid coloured circles on the player panel? They look so dumb, like 1980's home desktop publishing.

Sorry to people who spent time working on this. But I hate it.
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Re: new layout

Post by tim_is_awesome »

it appears that they are ignoring the requests for the old layout despite the large number of people hating the new layout.
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Re: new layout

Post by Yorgad »

Just noticed that more information regarding the layout evolutions are provided in the Seasons Group page.

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