What am i doing wrong? [about strategy]

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not a duck
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What am i doing wrong? [about strategy]

Post by not a duck »

So, it looks like that i definitely not understanding something about general game strategy.

70 games played, 9 wins and most of the time someone wins when i am not near close to knowing my cards.

I get that i should try and calculate what cards other players have in hands, i get that i should try to not not ask questions that gave other too much information, but i probably missing something.

Can anyone give hints about their winning plays and/or give links to good educational example of games here on BGA?
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Re: What am i doing wrong? [about strategy]

Post by bionic20 »

I also started playing very recently and Im also wondering about the meta for this game. Only playing 4p for now, I see most hardcore players go for 1v1. Im not good but average (9wins of 35games)

First thing that seems clear for me is that all first 4 moves should go to secret informant. Im not creating clues for the other players while getting to see more cards, no-brainer. In games with people over 100 elo pretty much all first 4 moves is everyone uncovering those cards before the game actually begins.

Failed accusations are a literal reveal of 3 cards which cannot be on the opponents' answer so its very costly. On the other hand, I have never been able to win a game when im 100% sure of my cards and, quite the opposite, if I wait to be 100% sure, an opponent guesses right first. My take is that if you have 2 locked cards and are 50%-50% on the last one, go for it.

Just like you, I would like high elo players to share more basic strategy about this game. Im quite addicted so far!
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Re: What am i doing wrong? [about strategy]

Post by Nyteglori »

Pay attention to what people ask as well as the answers. For example if you know that I can see two yellow cards but you have not figured out where the third yellow is and I ask for yellow, you know that the third one is not in what they can see - not in your displayed cards and not in their hidden cards. Until you get better at it you might restrict opponents to near your level.
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Re: What am i doing wrong? [about strategy]

Post by tchobello »

I've played 200+ games and most of the time, I've lost to players who've given an accusation based on guessing as penalty for wrong accusations is too light.
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