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Fitz Roy
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Hello everybody,
I have a doubt on Go Goa, on manual page 10 and original strings in BGA:

"Fewest beaches visited"

"If there's a tie, whoever visited the *fewest beaches* wins!"

Well, this happens in the game: there are 3 beaches which, once visited, allow you to "hire a local guide" and change the result of the dice.
The tie is actually resolved by rewarding the player that used the lower number of local guides, and not counting the number of beaches visited, for example:
- I had only visited 1, and I had hired 1 guide.
- my opponent had visited 2, he hired only 1 guide.
The game shared the victory (we both had 300 points, :lol: )

Hence my doubt: the behavior of the game seems different respect the manual, and in fact, just counting the beaches visited would penalise a player, since those 3 beaches are not always part of all the tour plans.
The tie is resolved correctly on BGA? (I don't think there is a bug, but a problem with written rules)
Why not writing "Fewest local guides hired"?

Thanks everyone, bye!
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speler nico
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Re: Tie

Post by speler nico »

I agree. It is more honest to resolve the tie with "fewest local guides hired".
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